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#1 Biz-In-A-Box Kit

#1 Biz-In-A-Box Kit

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Are you interested in launching your own t-shirt business or know someone who is? Our TShirt Biz-In-A-Box Booster Kit is an excellent starting point or a thoughtful gift idea.

This package contains a variety of items to help you start a t-shirt business from home, including 2 cotton t-shirts, 2 polyester t-shirts, 4 DTF transfers, 2 sublimation transfers, 1 UV DTF Sticker, 4 Screenprint Transfer and 1 Rhinestone Transfer. You will also receive instructions on how to apply the transfers onto the t-shirts. Additionally, you'll receive a 65-page workbook titled "How to Start a T-Shirt Business From Home," which covers everything you need to know to successfully launch your own t-shirt business. This t-shirt business in a box booster kit is a great way to dip your toes into the world of entrepreneurship. All you need is a heat press and you'll be ready to start your own t-shirt business!

Box Kit Includes:

  • 2 Black cotton tshirts (used with DTF Transfers)
  • 2 White 100% polyester tshirts (used with Sublimation Transfers)
  • 4 ready-to-press DTF Transfers
  • ready-to-press Sublimation Transfers
  • 4 Screenprint Transfer (use with cotton shirts)
  • 1 UV DTF Sticker, to peel and stick on a mug or cup, etc
  • 1 How to Start a TShirt Business From Home Workbook
  • Pressing Instructions

Sip. Learn. Press! located at 1120 Park Avenue in Orange Park, Middleburg, Jacksonville, and Fleming Island with the best dtf heat transfers, tshirt blanks, sublimation transfers, polyester tshirts/hoodies, 20 oz tumblers, uv dtf stickers, uv dtf wraps, custom dtf transfers, custom uv dtf stickers, tumbler presses, heat presses, and custom printed tshirts. Attend one of our Sip. Learn. Press! events in your area to learn how to start your own t-shirt business from home.

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